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A childhood injury thinned the veil.
Military service shaped the man.
Visions and dreams raised questions.
Heavenly promptings saved his life.
Spiritual experiences opened his mind.
A lifelong quest reunited eternal love.

A true story of a man awakened to the spirit world following a childhood accident, one that left him open to remarkably prophetic dreams, visions, and promptings that continued throughout his twenty years of active military service in the United States Army and beyond. This unique personal account spans the breadth and depth of light and dark, and reveals characteristics about the relationship between Heaven, Hell and Earth that will leave you thinking long and hard about this life. Questions about purpose, plan and placement are but a few of the subjects addressed in this exciting narrative of spiritual experiences. More importantly, it’s a true story about the existence of God, and Ken’s discovery about the significance of the Holy Spirit in his life. The Spirit’s voice of warning saved him from physical harm, guided him along a predetermined course to find true love, and comforted him when the weight of the world seemed ready to crush him during trials and sacrifice. This is not your common near-death experience story, but rather an interesting look into the relevant connection we share between ourselves as physical-spiritual beings, and God. Explore Ken’s spiritual experiences for yourself and discover the possibilities.


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