Fiction: by Ken Cary


The Opposer

The untold story of a Heavenly royal heir whose rebellion cascaded into the ultimate conflict of love versus fear.

Held accountable for his actions following the election, Lucifer is offered a choice by God the Father, serve as Earth’s Opposer or face reset.

A choice without a choice, Lucifer accepts the mission and quickly learns that swaying the hearts and minds of the physicals – the veiled men and women of Earth who must find truth and light on their own amid countless distractions – is much easier than he’d ever anticipated.

With a following of billions, Lucifer sets out to dominate the world from Hell where he’d been imprisoned. Angry and vowing to control all mankind, to make them pay for their choice in not following his plan, he skillfully applies his intelligence and experience to destroy them and declare total victory over God the Father.

When victory is close at hand and the end near, a new enemy emerges to redefine Lucifer’s mission. The unexpected turn of events leaves everyone stunned, but also hopeful for a better outcome.

The Opposer is available on Amazon.

The Gatekeeper Series: Book 1-5

Curtain Fall: Book 1

Curtain Fall is available on Amazon.

Lamp Black: Book 2

Lamp Black is available on Amazon.

Compass Call: Book 3

Compass Call is available on Amazon.

Tread Fearless: Book 4

Tread Fearless is available on Amazon.

John’s Adieu: Book 5

John’s Adieu is available on Amazon.

Surviving a catastrophic eruption of the Yellowstone caldera, a massive world-changing event, is no easy matter. John, with the help of family and friends, emerges from the ashes to find his life was prearranged by God. A compelling story of opposing physical and spiritual forces that clash in a unique and entertaining way, revealing the many interesting relationships between the physical and spiritual world in which we live.

The compete Gatekeeper series is available on Amazon.


The abridged Gatekeeper Series in one book, but with an alternate ending.

Gray House is available on Amazon.

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